PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Theme Song Lyrics

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Theme Lyrics

Pups Superstars - Mighty Pups Theme Song Lyrics
(Mighty Pups is a special episode of PAW Patrol)
(It was released September 11, 2018 and was the series' first TV Movie)

(Mighty Pups Theme Song by Pups Superstars)

Mighty Pups, Mighty Pups
They're here to save the world

Wherever they are needed
When things are looking tough
Ryder and the Mighty Pups
Have the mighty stuff

Chase, Skye, Rubble, Zuma, Everest, Rocky, Marshall

No job's too big
No pups too small
Mighty Pups, they're on a roll
So here we go
Mighty Pups

Mighty Pups!
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