Superbook Theme Song Lyrics

Superbook Theme Lyrics

Superbook Lyrics
[Season 1:]

When I open the Book you know
I didn't know what I was going to find
I saw the flashing light just a coming out
Oh, what a beautiful sight

Then I was flying
I was flying
Oh, Superbook
I was afraid to look

Oh, Superbook

You know I want to go back again
I want to go back with all my friends
You know it's not a fantasy
Superbook, so real to me

[Season 2:]

Chris and Joy and everyone
Were having lots of fun
Superbook fell off a shelf
Look what they've done

When it hit the computer
Oh, they were surprised!
Superbook got programmed in
Now it's computerized
Now it's computerized

Superbook, take a look
Superbook, we got to look


There is a Book that we all know
It's called Superbook
It shows us all the places that we want to go and look
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