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Zach Bryan Lyrics

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From the Single Purple Gas

From the Single Pink Skies

From the Album 1. Nine Ball 2. Sarahs Place 3. Boys of Faith 4. Deep Satin 5. Pain Sweet Pain

From the Album 1. Fear & Fridays (Poem) 2. Overtime 3. Summertimes Close 4. East Side of Sorrow 5. Hey Driver 6. Fear and Fridays 7. Ticking 8. Holy Roller 9. Jakes Piano / Long Island 10. El Dorado 11. I Remember Everything 12. Tourniquet 13. Spotless 14. Tradesman 15. Smaller Acts 16. Oklahoman Son

From the Album 1. Quittin Time 2. Motorcycle Drive By 3. Summertime Blues 4. Oklahoma Smoke Show 5. Jamie 6. Twenty So 7. Us Then 8. Matt & Audie 9. All the Time

From the Album 1. Late July 2. Something in the Orange (Z&E's Version) 3. Heavy Eyes 4. Mine Again 5. Happy Instead 6. Right Now The Best 7. The Outskirts 8. Younger Years 9. Cold Damn Vampires 10. Tishhomingo 11. Shes Alright 12. You Are My Sunshine 13. Darling 14. Ninth Cloud 15. Oklahoma City 16. Sun To Me 17. Highway Boys 18. Whiskey Fever 19. Billy Stay 20. Sober Side of Sorry 21. High Beams 22. The Good Ill Do 23. Someday (Maggies) 24. Poems and Closing Time 25. From Austin 26. If She Wants A Cowboy 27. Corinthians (Proctors) 28. Open the Gate 29. Half Grown 30. No Cure 31. 68 Fastback 32. Blue 33. Waterwell 34. This Road I Know

From the Album 1. Come as You Are 2. From a Lovers Point of View 3. Driving 4. Heading South 5. Cold Blooded 6. Mine 7. Leaving 8. Codeine Pills (Part One) 9. Hopefully 10. Messed up Kid 11. Loom 12. Me and Mine 13. Old Man 14. A Boy Like You 15. Washington Lilacs 16. Revival

From the Album 1. Flying or Crying 2. Hope Again 3. God Speed 4. Don't Give Up on Me 5. Doing Fine 6. Letting Someone Go 7. Shivers Down Spines 8. Snow 9. Man Thats Never Known You 10. Moon in Oklahoma 11. Condemned 12. Sweet DeAnn

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Zachary Lane Bryan (born April 2, 1996) is an American singer-songwriter from Oologah, Oklahoma.

Continuing a family tradition, Bryan was an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy. He used his spare time to write music for his enjoyment.

Bryan started uploading his music to YouTube in 2017, with his friends recording him perform using his iPhone. One of his songs, "Heading South", eventually went viral.

On April 10, 2021, Bryan made his Grand Ole Opry debut. He has since signed a deal with Warner Records to release his music.

On October 14, 2021, Bryan announced that he was honorably discharged by the U.S. Navy after 8 years of service to pursue his career in music just ahead of his nationwide Fall 2021 "Ain't For Tamin' Tour".

On January 25, 2022, Bryan announced that he would be releasing his first studio album "American Heartbreak" on May 20, 2022. -Wikipedia
Birth Name: Zach Bryan
Born: April 2, 1996 (age 28)
From: Oologah, Oklahoma, United States
Genre(s): Country, alt-country
Instrument(s): Vocals, guitar
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