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From the Album 1. Crossfire 2. Dont You Worry 3. Stainless 4. Space and Time 5. Dream State 6. Good Feeling 7. What The?! 8. Better Space 9. Dodging Raindrops 10. Rolling Through 11. Born to Live 12. Charge It Up 13. Lucid Dreams

From the Single Amber

Other Songs 06 - What Was I Thinking 09 - Nix Hex 11 - Applied Science 11 - Dont Stay Home 123 1 2 3 8:16 A.M. 8:16+A.M. All Mixed Up And A Ways To Go Applied Science Applied Science(2) Be A Crime Beautiful Disaster Beyond The Gray Sky Blizza Bomb The Town Boom Shanka Borders Brodels Cant Fade Me Champagne Color Come Original Count Me In Crack The Code Creature Feature Creatures Creatures (For a While) C.U.T.M. Daisy Cutter Dammit Damn Dancehall Days Of 88 Dlmd Do You Right Dont Dwell Dont Let Me Down Dont Stay Home Dont Tread On Me Down Down South Down Suth Dreamland Ebb And Flow Electricity Eons Evolution Existential Hero Extension Face In The Wind Fat Chance F*ck The Bullshit Feels So Good Firewater Firewater Slo-Mo First Dimension First Straw Five Of Everything Flowing Forever Now Freak Out Freeze Time Friday Afternoon Frolic Room From Chaos Full Ride Galaxy GAP Get Down Getting Through To Her Give Me A Call Golden Sunlight Grassroots Guns Guns (Are for ******) Hey Yo Hey You Hive Homebrew Hostile Apostle How Do You Feel? How Long Has It Been Hydroponic I Like The Way I Told Myself Ill Be Here A While Ill Be Here Awhile Independence Day India Ink Inner Light Spectrum Inside Our Home Island Sun It Just Wont Do Its Alright Its Getting OK Now Jackolanterns Weather Jackpot Juanbond Jupiter Large In The Margin Leaving Babylon Let The Cards Fall Lifes Not A Race Light Years Little Brother [Bonus Track] Livin and Rockin Livin' & Rockin' Loco Long For The Flowers Lose Love Song Lucky Made In The Shade Make It Rough Mind Spin Mindspin Misdirected Hostility Mix It Up My Heart Sings My Stoney Baby Never Ending Summer Nix Hex Nix Hex II No Control Nutsymptom Nutsymtom Offbeat Bare Ass Offbeat Bare-Ass Omaha Stylee On A Roll One And The Same Other Side Of Things Outside Paradise Peaceful Revolution Perfect Mistake Places That The Mind Goes Plain Prisoner Purpose Push It Away Random Real Creatures For A While Reconsider Everything Reggae Got Soul Revelation Of The Year Right Now Rock On Rollin Rub A Dub Running Salsa Same Mistake Twice Sand Dollars Seems Uncertain Sever Showdown Sick Tight Silver Simple True Six Slinky Solar Flare Something Out Of Nothing Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm Soul Sucker Speak Easy Starshines Stealing Happy Hours Still Dreaming Strangers Strong All Along Summer Of Love Sun Come Through Sunset In July Sweet Syntax Error T and P Combo T & P Combo Taiyed Thank Your Lucky Stars The Call The Continuous Life The Great Divide The Night Is Young The Other Side Of Things Theres Always An Excuse This To Shall Pass This Too Shall Pass Thrive Not Sink Thriving To The Scene Til The Citys On Fire Time Bomb Time is Precious To Be Honest Today My Love Too Late Too Much To Think Too Much Too Fast Tranquility Transistor Tribute Trouble Tune In Two Drops In The Ocean Uncalm Unity Use Of Time Visit Waiting Wake Your Mind Up We Do It Like This Weightless Welcome What I Got What Was I Thinking Whiskey and Wine Whiskey & Wine White Man In Hammersmith Palais Whos Got The Herb? Wild Nights Wildfire Will The World You Get Worked You Wouldnt Believe You're Gonna Get It
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311 is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist/guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson, bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills and drummer Chad Sexton. 311 has sold over 8.5 million records in the US. -Wikipedia
Nick Hexum -
vocals, guitar, programming

Doug "SA" Martinez -
vocals, turntables, DJ

Tim Mahoney -
lead guitar

Aaron "P-Nut" Wills -

Chad Sexton -
drums, percussion, programming

From: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Genre(s): Alternative rock, reggae rock, ska, rap rock, funk rock, hard rock
Active From: 1988-present
Associated Acts: The Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Ghostwolf, DJ Leisure vs DJ Lofton (Nick Hexum), Hollows Follow, Zack Hexum
I'd like to have 311 play with Ween someday even thought their concert last week wasn't the best I've seen in the four shows I've been to! But I'd still love to play with you guys. So, call up our management and we'll work it out baby!

We put so much time into the album that I know everyone in the band loves every song. We made sure we didn't put [on the album] any song that anyone was iffy' on. We love everything and we put well over a year into writing the music. We fined tuned it. It as strong of an album that we have ever put out. Point blank!

There's a Dr. Israel from New York who has a really good album out. I would be interested in performing with him. P-Nut?
SA Martinez

No, unfortunately I don't. My dad never spoke Spanish in the house, probably because my mom didn't speak it. Yeah, but I wish I could now, that would be awesome.
SA Martinez

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