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Angels and Airwaves Lyrics

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Angels & Airwaves (also written as Angels and Airwaves; stylized and abbreviated as ΛVΛ) is an American rock band, comprising lead vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge, guitarist David Kennedy, drummer Ilan Rubin, and bassist Matt Rubano.

The band formed after Blink-182 went on hiatus in 2005. They continued to record even after Blink-182 reunited in 2009, and after DeLonge subsequently parted with the band again in 2015, he began to focus on Angels & Airwaves more extensively.

The project also resulted in the documentary film Start the Machine (2008). In 2011, accompanying the two Love albums, the group scored and produced the science fiction drama film Love by director William Eubank in 460 theatres nationwide during their multimedia event, Love Live.

The band released an animated short named Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker and their fifth album, The Dream Walker, on December 9, 2014. Other related media, such as comic books and a live-action film, followed in 2015.

The group has been described by DeLonge as more than a band, but more accurately "an art project [that approaches] larger human themes and tackles them in different mediums", or simply "a multimedia project". This has been seen in the group's films, live events, and novel approach to fan-artist interaction.

Of the first two albums, the band says that they were mainly influenced by the music of Radiohead and Pink Floyd, combining them with the grandiosity of U2.
Tom DeLonge - lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers (2005-present); bass guitar (2014-2018)
David Kennedy - guitars, keyboards, synthesizers (2005-2014, 2018-present); backing vocals (2011-2014)
Ilan Rubin - drums, percussion, backing vocals (2011-present); keyboards, guitars, bass guitar (2014-present)
Matt Rubano - bass guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals (2019-present)

Former members:
Ryan Sinn - bass guitar, backing vocals (2005-2007)
Atom Willard - drums, percussion, occasional backing vocals (2005-2011)
Matt Wachter - bass guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals (2007-2014, 2018-2019)
Eddie Breckenridge - bass guitar, backing vocals (2014)
From: San Diego, California, U.S.
Genre(s): Alternative rock, space rock
Associated Acts: Blink-182, Box Car Racer
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