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The Cure Lyrics

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From the Album 1. Underneath The Stars 2. The Only One 3. The Reasons Why 4. Freakshow 5. Sirensong 6. The Real Snow White 7. The Hungry Ghost 8. Switch 9. The Perfect Boy 10. This. Here And Now. With You 11. Sleep When Im Dead 12. The Scream 13. Its Over

From the Album 1. Lost 2. Labyrinth 3. Before Three 4. The End Of The World 5. Anniversary 6. Us Or Them 7. Alt.End 8. (I Dont Know Whats Going) On 9. Taking Off 10. Never 11. The Promise 12. Going Nowhere 13. This Morning 14. Truth Goodness And Beauty 15. Fake

From the Album 1. Out Of This World 2. Watching Me Fall 3. Where The Birds Always Sing 4. Maybe Someday 5. Coming Up 6. The Last Day Of Summer 7. There Is No If... 8. The Loudest Sound 9. 39 10. Bloodflowers

From the Album 1. Want 2. Club America 3. This Is A Lie 4. The 13th 5. Strange Attraction 6. Mint Car 7. Jupiter Crash 8. Round And Round And Round... 9. Gone! 10. Numb 11. Return 12. Trap 13. Treasure 14. Bare

From the Album 1. Open 2. High 3. Apart 4. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 5. Wendy Time 6. Doing The Unstuck 7. Friday Im In Love 8. Trust 9. A Letter To Elise 10. Cut 11. To Wish Impossible Things 12. End

From the Album 1. Plainsong 2. Pictures Of You 3. Closedown 4. Lovesong 5. Last Dance 6. Lullaby 7. Fascination Street 8. Prayers For Rain 9. The Same Deep Water As You 10. Disintegration 11. Homesick 12. [Untitled]

From the Album 1. The Kiss 2. Catch 3. Torture 4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 5. Why Cant I Be You? 6. How Beautiful You Are... 7. The Snakepit 8. Hey You!!! 9. Just Like Heaven 10. All I Want 11. Hot Hot Hot!!! 12. One More Time 13. Like Cockatoos 14. Icing Sugar 15. The Perfect Girl 16. A Thousand Hours 17. Shiver And Shake 18. Fight

From the Album 1. Inbetween Days 2. Kyoto Song 3. The Blood 4. Six Different Ways 5. Push 6. The Baby Screams 7. Close To Me 8. A Night Like This 9. Screw 10. Sinking

From the Album 1. Shake Dog Shake 2. Bird Mad Girl 3. Wailing Wall 4. Give Me It 5. Dressing Up 6. The Caterpillar 7. Piggy In The Mirror 8. The Empty World 9. Bananafish Bones 10. The Top

From the Album 1. Lets Go To Bed 2. The Dream 3. Just One Kiss 4. The Upstairs Room 5. The Walk 6. Speak My Language 7. Lament 8. The Lovecats

From the Album 1. One Hundred Years 2. A Short Term Effect 3. The Hanging Garden 4. Siamese Twins 5. The Figurehead 6. A Strange Day 7. Cold 8. Pornography

From the Album 1. The Holy Hour 2. Primary 3. Other Voices 4. All Cats Are Grey 5. The Funeral Party 6. Doubt 7. The Drowning Man 8. Faith

From the Album 1. A Reflection 2. Play For Today 3. Secrets 4. In Your House 5. Three 6. The Final Sound 7. A Forest 8. M 9. At Night 10. Seventeen Seconds

From the Album 1. Jumping Someone Elses Train 2. Boys Don't Cry 3. Plastic Passion 4. 10:15 Saturday Night 5. Accuracy 6. Object 7. Subway Song 8. Killing An Arab 9. Fire In Cairo 10. Another Day 11. Grinding Halt 12. World War 13. So What? 14. Three Imaginary Boys

From the Album 1. 10:15 Saturday Night 2. Accuracy 3. Grinding Halt 4. Another Day 5. Object 6. Subway Song 7. Foxey Lady 8. Meathook 9. So What? 10. Fire In Cairo 11. Its Not You 12. Three Imaginary Boys 13. The Weedy Burton

Other Songs 13th [Swing Radio Mix] 2 Late A Boy I Never Knew A Chain Of Flowers A Few Hours After This... A Foolish Arrangement A Japanese Dream A Man Inside My Mouth A Pink Dream A Sign From God Adonais All Day and All of the Night All I Have To Do Is Kill Her All Kinds of Stuff All Mine All Of This (Blink 182 And Robert Smith Of The Cur Alt. End Another Journey By Train Apart Ariel Babble Badlands (feat. Iamkmd) Bananafishbones Birdmad Girl Breathe Burn Carrusel Chain of Flowers Charlotte Sometimes Close To Me Cut Here Danger Descent Distant (feat. arkko) Do The Hansa Dredd Song Fascination Street Fear Of Ghosts Figurehead Final Sound (Live) Focus Forever Foxy Lady Friday Im In Love Gemini Season GTA Halo Happy Bithday Simon Happy The Man Harold And Joe Hello Goodbye Hello I Love You Heroin Face Home I Am Not Him (feat. Yung Simmie) I Dig You I Want to Be Old Im a Cult Hero Im Cold In Between Days Inwood It Can Never Be the Same It Used To Be Me Just Like Heaven (Carousel Cover) Just Say Yes Killing Another La Ment Love Song Love Song [(Diplo Fabriclive 24 remix)] Loyalty (feat. Lost Mind) Lullaby Man Inside My Mouth Meat Hook Money Mindset More Than This Mr. Pink Eyes Never Enough Never Fine New Day Noheart NY Trip Ocean On Me (feat. Yung Simmie) Out Of Mind Pictures Of Yo Pictures Of You Pillbox Tales Pirate Ships Play Possession Purple Haze Scared As You Sediment See the Children Short Term Effect Signal To Noise Snow In Summer Spilt Milk Splintered In Her Head Stay Mad (feat. arkko) Step Into the Light Stop Dead Strange Attraction [Album Mix] Sugar Girl The Big Hand The Exploding Boy This Twilight Garden Throw Your Foot To The Sky Tom and Jerry Waiting... Watching Me Fall World In My Eyes Wrong Number Yesterdays Gone You Really Got Me Young Americans Youre So Happy
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The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976. The band has experienced several line-up changes, with frontman, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member.

The Cure first began releasing music in the late 1970s with its debut album Three Imaginary Boys. They were a part of the post-punk and new wave movements that had sprung up in the wake of the punk rock revolution in the United Kingdom. During the early 1980s, the band's increasingly dark and tormented music helped form the gothic rock genre. -Wikipedia
Robert Smith -
vocals, guitar, six-string bass

Simon Gallup -
bass 1979-1982, 1985-present)

Roger O'Donnell -
keyboards (1987-1990, 1995-2005, 2011-present)

Jason Cooper -
drums (1995-present)

Reeves Gabrels -
guitars (2012-present)
Name Origin:
They started in 1976 as The Easy Cure. Which was the name of a song written by their originaldrummer Lol Tolhurst. Later Robert Smith felt The Easy Cure was too hippie-like and shortened it to The Cure.
From: Crawley, England
Genre(s): Gothic rock, post-punk, dark wave, alternative rock, new wave, Gothic
Formed: When they were in the St. Wilfrid's Catholic Comprehensive School in Crawley, Sussex
Active From: 1976-present
Associated Acts: Malice, Easy Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Glove
"What I really had against Lol, is that he had taken away more than a year of my time...our argument puts a shadow over my life."[Speaking about the former band member, Laurence Tolhurst court case against him that Robert eventually won]
Robert Smith De Standaard 11/16/01 (Belgium Newspaper)

[Robert Smith referring to some of his favorite songs]
Faith: "I don't think I'll ever write a song that'll ever move me as much as Faith, that'll change my life as much as that song did, or encapsulates a period of my life as well as that one does."
Just Like Heaven: "The best pop song the Cure has ever done. All the sounds meshed, it was one take, and it was perfect. I love Dinosaur Jr.'s version of the song, and they've influenced how we play it."
A Forest: "The archetypal Cure sound, it was probably the turning point when people started listening to the group and thinking we could achieve something, including me."
Robert Smith Chicago Tribune 7/12/92

"The Cure, is the kind of band that wanders in and out of the mainstream's gaze." Robert Smith The Boston Globe 1997

"...I mean there's a Holy Grail for Cure fans which has always been the Disintegration tour of 1989 and I was quite shocked to find that as we were going along this year the internet reviews were getting more and more glowing. They've reached the giddy heights of 'as-good-as-or-if-not-better-than-the-Disintegration-tour'. There's no higher accolade from Cure fans than that. It's been great." [Referring to the Dream Tour 2000] Robert Smith X-Press Magazine 9/00

"You don't really know a song until you play it live."

"Seeing someone f**k a monkey doesn't particulary shock me. I get much more shocked by someone attacking someone else for doing it." [Referring to his views on pornography]

"It's been the most enjoyable Cure tour I've ever done. I think that's probably because we've been playing songs that I really like, the side of The Cure that I really prefer live, which is the darker side." [Referring to the Dream Tour set lists]
Robert Smith X-Press Magazine 9/00

"There are countries where the organizers don't know what they're doing or what's going on - but I wouldn't name Italy and Spain!"

"We started off the tour [swing tour] in Britain and the difference is quite stunning between the audience there and over here [U.S.]. I mean, they're so loud over here, I've forgotten how...keen everyone is to having a good time in America."
Robert Smith Radio station KROQ 1995

"...soon I started to buy records on my pocket money; the first one was Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. And the first concert I attended was Hendrix on the Isle of Wright; I was 10." Robert Smith Les Inrockuptibles 10/28/97

"Jimi Hendrix changed my life. Each generation influences the following one and as a consequence brings it back to the past..." [Referring to the influence The Cure purportedly has had on young English bands] Robert Smith L'Express 2/00

"Mary has been the great influence in my life, the rock that stays strong when I lose my head. She noticed, for example that I become aggressive and unfriendly when I cut my hair. So I make it long. Mary is very maternal with me. And very, very tolerant. "

"If any of our songs ever did make it on the top ten, I'd disband the group immediately."

"The Press try to categorize me a 'gloom-and-doom' singer. But, take a look at Morrissey! That man's a professional moaner!"

"I've always spent more time with a smile on my face than not, but the thing is, I don't write about it." Robert Smith Rolling Stone 1997

"I don't think of death in a romantic way anymore." Robert Smith L'Express 2/00

"I go off-roading occasionally, drunkenly at night across fields."

"I never wanted to be the personality of the group. When I was with the Banshees, I was only a guitarist, and it's great being just that. What happens with this group is that the others don't talk, only when they're drunk. Well, Roger speaks all the time, but what happens is he just speaks stupidities. I hope nobody translates this interview to English. Roger, I'm sorry, I didn't want to say that." [laughs]
Robert Smith De Standaard 11/16/01 (Belgium Newspaper)

"There is a reason for me always shoe-gazing. I simply can't look into the eyes of several thousand people." Robert Smith Article by Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun

"If I didn't wear make-up I couldn't get on stage. I'd be much too self conscious. "
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