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From the Album 1. Real Spill 2. Stand On It 3. Pop Out 4. Heyy 5. California Breeze 6. Perfect Timing 7. Never Hating 8. Forever (Its Only Me) 9. Not Finished 10. In A Minute 11. Waterfall Flow 12. Everything 13. From Now On 14. Double Down 15. Cost To Be Alive 16. Top Priority 17. Danger 18. Stop Playin 19. FR 20. Back and Forth 21. Shiest Talk 22. No Fly Zone 23. Russian Roulette

From the Album 1. Voice of the Heroes 2. 2040 3. Hats Off 4. Who I Want 5. Still 6. Man of My Word 7. Still Runnin 8. Medical 9. How It Feels 10. Lying 11. Okay 12. Thats Facts 13. Please 14. Up the Side 15. If You Want Too 16. Rich Off Pain 17. Make It Out 18. Bruised Up 19. Still Hood

From the Album 1. Get Ugly 2. Heatin Up 3. How 4. Grace 5. Live Off My Closet 6. Same Thing 7. Emotionally Scarred 8. Commercial 9. Forever 10. Cant Explain 11. No Sucker 12. We Should 13. Catch the Sun 14. Consistent 15. Gang Signs 16. Hurtin 17. Forget That 18. Solid

From the Album 1. Global 2. Pure Cocaine 3. Crush A Lot 4. Time 5. Ready 6. Word On The Street 7. This Week 8. Anyway 9. No Friends 10. Realist in It 11. Section 8 12. Chastised 13. Dreams 2 Reality

Other Songs 100 Round 2 the Hard Way 350 9to5 Air It Out All In All Of A Sudden Anyway A-Town Bank Beat It Up Belly Best Of Me Big Mouth Big Tymers Boss Bitch Bounce Business Is Business Bussin Cash Catch the Sun Chance Chastised Close Friends Coupe Crazy Crush A Lot Dates Days Off Deep End Detox Dive In Dreams 2 Reality Eat Or Starve Errbody Exclusive Exotic Eyes Open First Class Fit In For You Freestyle Frozen Get Money Global Go Hard Going For It Grindin Hot Boy Humble Hurry I Am I Drank I Got It If You Want To I'm On I'm Sick Im Straight In My Bag Intro Intro (Harder Than Ever) Keep It Coming Know It's Good Large Leaked Leanin' Life Life Goes On Lil Baby Live Off My Closet Feat Future Low Down Merch Madness Minute Money Money Forever My Dawg My Drip My Jeans My Nigga Narcs Need Mine Never Needed No Help No Friends No Sucker Feat MoneyBagg Yo Not Myself Off White VLONE On Me Option Original Our Year Out The Mud Pink Slip Plug Pure Cocaine Rac Racing Racks In Ready Real As It Gets Realist in It Really Did It Ride My Wave Ride or Die Rider Right Now Right On Rubberband Knots Run Up Seals Pills Section 8 See My Baby Set Up Shop She Said Slow Mo Social Distancing Southside Spazz Stendo Stick On Me Style Stealer Sum 2 Prove Sum More Survive Da Motion The Bigger Picture This Week Throwing Shade Time Time After Time To The Top Toast Up Transporter Trap Star TRAPPER [Remix] Trust Twanky Thangs U-Digg Underdog Up Vision Clear Walk In Whatchu Gon Do Woah Word On The Street World Is Yours
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Rapper who found acclaim when he released his mixtape "Perfect Timing" in April 2017. The mixtape features the likes of Young Thug, Lil Yachty, and Young Scooter.

He named his mixtape "Perfect Timing" in honor of the fortune he was finding in his career after being released from prison in early 2017.

He is managed by Quality Control's Kevin "Coach K" Lee and Pierre "Pee" Thomas.

In response to being called the next big thing, Lil Baby says "Me personally, I don't feel like that but everybody who I'm talking to that's their response. They say 'you next, you gonna be the next one, you gonna be big,' but me, I'm a very humble guy. Like, it take a lot to make me feel myself I just go in like very humble.I never told nobody I'm gonna be next, but I will say I'm goin' at they neck.
-Famous Birthdays,
Born: december 3, 1994 (age 29)
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Genre(s): Rap
Instrument(s): Voice
Active From: 2016-present
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