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From the Album Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3 (2018) (buy at
Ain't No Mixtape Bih 3
To Whom It May Concern
Comin 2 Eazy
I Gotta Keep Winning
(feat. Dae Dae)
My Bag Different
(feat. Kash Doll)
Boss Language
Catch Up
How I'm Coming
Picking Up Bags
(feat. Jeremiah)
Heroin Flow
Above Ground
Leveled Up
Best Life

From the Album Real Hitta (2017) (buy at
Real Hitta
Real Hitta

From the Album On Trial (2012) (buy at
On Trial
Go Off
Anything 4 My Niggas
See Nann Nigga
Some Money
Can't Let Em Bury Me
Ball 4 Dem
Feet To The Celing
Not A Game
Year Round
Heart So Cold
Put That On Ere Thang
Slam It
No Pressure
With You
F*cks With You

From the Album Purple Heart (2011) (buy at
Purple Heart
Just (The Tip)

From the Album Aristotle (2011) (buy at
1000 (Intro)
Bout Dat Life
Bitch A Hoe
F*ck The Shit Out You

From the Album I F*ck With The DJ (2011) (buy at
I F*ck With The DJ
Let's Get It
Sho My Azz
Down Bitch
F*ckin You

From the Album No Chaser (2010) (buy at
No Chaser
Need A Drink
Cryin In The Shower
1st 48

From the Album You Need People Like Me Pt 2 (2010) (buy at
You Need People Like Me Pt 2
Throwin Money
Trying 2 Beat Da Odds
My City

From the Album You Need People Like Me (2010) (buy at
You Need People Like Me
Why U Hate
Ride Dick So Good
Bi Polar
Come By Yo House

From the Album Goon Affiliated (2010) (buy at

Go Live
Rob Myself
Bruh Bruh
Kitty Kitty
Whatever I Say
Good Dick
Look Like
All I Know
She Got It Made
Bricks On Me

From the Album Da REAList (2008) (buy at

Me & My Goons
F*ck U Gon Do Bout It
Gotta Be
Want It, Need It
Plenty Money
Family Straight
Make A Movie
2nd Chance
Spend The Night
Heard Of Me
All Black
Street Light
I Chase Paper
Pants Hang Low
Put It On Ya
Gon Do (Circuit City Bonus Track)
Can't Cry (Circuit City Bonus Track)

From the Album Da Definition Of Real (2008) (buy at

I'm Da Man
Ol' Lady
Worth Goin FED Fo
Dat Bitch
Somebody (Loves You)
Feel Like F*ckin
Watch Dis
Who Hotter Than Me
1 Day
Bust It Baby Pt. 2 (Remix feat. Ne-Yo)
Shit Bag
Please Excuse My Hands
Rich Folk
#1 Fan
Thug Section (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Die Together (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Bust It Baby (Best Buy Bonus Track)

From the Album The Real Testament (2007) (buy at

The Real Testament (Intro)
100 Years
I Kno U Workin'
On My Dick
1 Mo Time
I Am The Club
Runnin' My Momma Crazy
Goons Lurkin'
Kept It Too Real
Money Straight
Hypnotized (From "Step Up 2: The Streets" Soundtrack)
Murkin' Season
Water (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Got 'em Hatin' (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Bid Long (Aint Comin Home) (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album 100% Real Nigga (2006) (buy at
100% Real Nigga
Plies Intro
100% Real Nigga
Choppa Zone
Pussy Ass Nigga
God Im Tired Of Lyin To Ya
Dope Boy
Ms Pretty Pussy

Other Songs:
Bust It Baby (Official Remix) (feat. Trey Songz)
Choppaz Like My Brotha
Committed To Bein A Real Nigga
Get You Wet
I Just Want The Paper
I Wanna
I Wanna F*ck You (Remix) (feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg)
In Love With Money
Kitty Kitty (Remix)
Most Anticipated
Oh Yeah
Put It On Ya (Remix)
Really From Da Hood
Right N Wrong Way
Rob Yo Pussy Ass
Shawty Remix (feat. Pleasure & Trey Songz)
Shawty Remix (Girl Version) (feat. Tawna & T-Pain)
So Bad
Take Off
We Are Trayvon (Trayvon Martin Tribute)

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